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I'm Hameedah, a lifestyle digital creator born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. After obtaining a degree in English, I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with my career, but I knew what I wanted: to tell stories, to create something very different for myself, and to live a life that I chose and enjoyed every day.

During my National Youth Service, I decided to give my passion a try. This meant that no matter what life demanded of me, I had to show up to do what I loved. A youth corp member by day, I read and edited news. At night, I wrote blog posts and took photos whenever I could...

After taking a few temporary jobs and quitting, I knew I had to bet on myself, so I started blogging full-time.


Having started out as a passion in 2016, it has now evolved into a career path.

Through my platforms, I share my experiences as a black Muslim woman, a multi-potentialite, a mother, and an entrepreneur as well as my love for a well rounded life.

Affiliated With

Aside from blogging, I also build online communities for black Muslim women that emphasize education and amplify honest conversation.

While the Ukht network helps Nigerian muslim women create better content, the Muslim women tribe is a supportive community that invites open and honest discussions about representation, sexuality, spirituality and mental health.

It is my hope that by sharing my passions, personal journey, experiences, and struggles with you, I can inspire and motivate you to find the joy and power in everyday life, while motivating you to be your very best self and follow your dreams.

Life is a journey that's best enjoyed with a sense of community.

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