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If you’ve ever wondered what my life as a mom and content creator looks like on my lazy days, you’re in the right place.

Today has been a very slow, laid back type of day. Although I woke up with so much energy and positive vibes that I even planned to wear make up; that thought has completely gone in the trash.

Thankfully, I did my morning skincare routine because I sincerely have a crappy morning without this important step.

I try to sneak out of bed before my toddler notices because 16months old detachment problems are real and she wants to get up the moment she knows I’m up.

The first thing I do in the morning when is have my bath, perform ablution and say my prayers. I put these three together in a group because they usually go together.

I’ve also realized that having my bath before anything increases my chances of having a productive day. Knowing everything begins to change after my child wakes up.

Depending on the situation of the house, I like to make sure everything is tidy and if possible, get something cooking before my president wakes up and need a refill. I absolutely cannot function in an untidy space.

I was unable to fix our living space before she woke up today, so I did it while she watched Dave and Ava then proceeded to do other things around the house. With a toddler, there’s always something that need fixing.

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